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How to generate thumb nails and tags for YouTube video 1

What is YouTube ?

In simple words YouTube is online platform where you can watch videos of ur interest and on YouTube you can earn too. Now , here a question arises that how to earn using YouTube ? It is very easy just upload videos and when total views of your channel will cross 10000 than you can approve ad sense and earn.

Getting views are not so much easy on YouTube for it you have to choose a thumbnail that can attract viewers and also tags gets your video in search .

Requirements : The main requirement is that you should have a laptop or pc with internet.

Step1: Switch on the internet or WiFi on laptop .

Step2: Open any web browser ( Suggestion - Use chrome browser )

Step: In search box type www.tubebuddy.com 

Step4: Now in the right corner tap on menu box . ( Not working on phone )

Step5: After signup link your youtube channel with tube buddy in next step .

Step6: Now in search box open www.youtube.com and now in top left corner tap on menu .

Step7:Now in my video open that video in which video you want to add thumb nail and tags .

Step8: You will see the edit symbol there click on that and tag box will appear and in tag box just click once and tags will suggested by tubebuddy to you.

Step9: To add a thumbnail tap on thumbnail option add you will get thumbnails related with your video.

By this you can get more views on you tube video .

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  1. I did not try now your method but does YouTube not offer me automatic thumb nails, if i don't like them then i could potential overwrite them, correct?

  2. can i use canva for making thumbnails or there is a better option

  3. very good info for using YouTube video thumbnail

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