HI amazing tricks reader here I am described about full information on kali linux . kali linux is now trending on news over world.advantages and disadvantages full information I have described following .Extra and most valuable tricks is given below step by step .

What is kali linux ?
Kali linux is simply a paradise to hacker.It is debian derived linux distribution designed for digital forensicks. Kali linux is a basically a open source operating system . Its main purpose is advanced penetration testing and reverse engineering . Kali is preinstalled with many vulnerability scanner , social engineering tools.

Main Feature of kali linux:-   

1.Makings of a Great Penetration Testing Distribution
2.Kali Linux supports multiple persistence USB stores on a single USB drive.
3. Kali contains a bunch of metapackage collections which aggregate different toolsets. This makes it easy to get custom, minimized environments set up.
4. Kali is so versatile that creating the “Kali NetHunter” Android was a natural extension to our distribution. NetHunter is a custom Android ROM overlay for ASOP which brings together all the toolset of Kali Linux (and more!) to your Nexus or OnePlus phones.
5. Kali Linux running on Android through Linux Deploy – Have a recent Android device other than a Nexus or OnePlus phone? Try using the Android App “Linux Deploy” to get Kali seamlessly installed in a chroot environment
Kali linux has versatile advantages and disadvantages .its property to work on level is high level .

Things to be done before starting to Install and run any Linux Distubution on Android
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1.make sure your device is running up on 4.4.1  android version.
2.first of all your device make to be rooted .
3.rcommended to you that minimum 5gb internal or external memory present .
4.a fast wireless connection.


1. DOWNLOAD first of all busybox application from playstore.

2.  2Terminal Emulator download also from playstore.

3.     VNC Viewer download also from playstore .

4.     Most importqant application download from playstore   Linux Diploy
5.     Last, The actual Kali Linux Image of size 2.0 GB Compressed (4.5 GB Uncompressed) with all Security tools installed. You can choose the Light OS if  you don’t need security tools pre-installed. Download the File kalilinux.FULL.ext4.20131031.ziphttps://sourceforge.net/projects/linuxonandroid/files/Kali%20Linux/
  1. And Linux complete Installer just in case if Linux Deploy doesn’t work.

Step by Step installing kali linux :-

Step One ;- 

kalilinux.FULL.ext4.20131031.zip and extract it in your mobile file . Inside this zip file there will be two files name Kali_Linux.img and Kali_linux.img.md5. remind the Kali_Linux.img file where is .thats all.

Step Two;-  

Open the Linux deploy and click on following icon and click on install.

Step Three:-

Click on START .afterr compeleting install click on following icon like as downloading button.

Step Four:-    

Select option as i uploaded in following picture

 after completeing this step then follw under step.

Step Five:-

main step and crucial step it is .click on file  option then write the location of Kali_Linux.img and it would be genuine spelling of its location.

STEP SIX :-     go to user password and set a password as you wish.as well as setup a user name as you wish.

STEP SEVEN :-    now you are in some final step to install kali linux in your androis handset. In uper position like three dots click on it and click on configuration and wait some time.al last position of the page shown that 'deploy'.and then click on start. and minimize the apps.

STEP EIGHT :-    Now open vnc viewe app and click on password and type your pre save password and also user name.  also save colour format 24 bit. at last click on connect. now kali linux is installed.

.Some frequently asked questioned:-

QUESTION:-  debian - Is Kali Linux based on Ubuntu?  
Ubuntu is based on Debian. Anything based upon Ubuntu is therefore also based on Debian.
Kali is definitely a Debian-based distribution (which is the term used to describe any child/inheritor distribution of Debian, including Ubuntu which is based directly off Debian, and Mint, which is based off Ubuntu and therefore on Debian)
Kali may be based upon Ubuntu.

QUESTION:- What version of Linux is Kali based on?
Not, it is not. It is based on Debian. Kali Linux is a Debian-derived Linuxdistribution designed for digital forensics and penetration testing. The only thing related with Backtrack is that the authors of Backtrack has participated on this project too

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