hi, amazing tricks reader, here I am described a common problem to android mobile user. we had seen most of time in network problem, mobile network not available.
how to fix mobile network not available

This problem had seen most of the cases in samsung mobiles. But I have solution of it which cure from this problem. Then if you've faced this problem then follow the step for solution of this problem.


STEP ONE :- first of all you have to switch of your android mobile and remove iys battery and simcard both.

STEP TWO :- after removing battery and sim wait 5 minutes then insert baterry and simcard.

STEP TWO :- After insrtinf both sim and battery, switch on your android mobile and check it. if problem has shown again the mobile network not available then you have tried other way


STEP ONE ;- first of all go to setting of your handset  and click on network setting.

STEP TWO :-  after completing step one,  click on mobile network.

STEP THREE :- now tap on network operators and select automatically. you have complete the all step. now check your network speed.

CONCLUSION. :-   now networking problem of android mobile is oncreasing day by day. don't worry it is a common problem.this type of erroe are common in. android mobile.
if you have any quiry about network,  comment on commment box I will reply soon.

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