Now common problem of android mobile is charging.

amazing trickss

charging problem issued by their alternative charger.

Amazing Tricks to buy perfect  charger for your handset :-

First of all select your what type of your charger socket. most of various companies charger socket is different. so choose correct charger socket for your android handset.

2.secondly we have to know about first charger which is given from your handset information, 
input and output knowledge respectively.

3. If there is written output 1ampere then you to buy a charger which output 1amp

4. DATA CABLE ঃ-  most of casess we buy any kind of charger kable but it is wrong way to buy the charger cable. so we must follow some amazing tricks to buy charger cable.

5.CUSTOMER REVIEW :-   customer review is an vital point to search an perfect something. try to know about review of that charger. if there are many negative impression then avoid that type of charger.

Conclusion:- last of all above all point mentioned to buy your mobile charger. 

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