your smartphone becomes slow with time? now we look upto in why smartphones becomes slow.
Device slow this is not a particular brand or compny's mobile problem this is also seen in windows,  i pad etc.
Operating System Update and heavier apps installed
Times to go your smartphones operating system chang because you update your device operating system and installed apps are also updated. But your smartphone may not be compatiable with this update operating system.  when your device manufactured some system is not properly created that effects on update operating system. More than years ago you used a apps but when you used that apps crusial effect on your device because that apps also heavier now. Even website also heavier time to time. Manufacturer pre installed some apps in smartphones that apps make slow. This type of apps called bloatware apps.
Full Internal Storage:
 Almost all of our phones have Solid state drives (SSD). SSDs tend to get slower once it is near its full capacity. All the writing operations become slower and hence a slow phone.
how to fix it?
1★   If your handset is comfortable to you then don't update operating system.
2★   Reset your mobile through out the days.
3★    Even your handset apps don't update if not urgent.

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