Every one keen to know about tor browser because every one know that this type of browser hack related. it is available for windows, mac os x and linux.

Tor browser is the product of tor project's flagship. it consist of
→ a modified mozila firefox ESR web browser
→ tor launcher
→ noscript  and https everywhere firefox extensions
→the tor proxy
Tor Browser
Tor Broser is such type of browser but it has some special feature. It obey to enter in  some dark web.
Why use Tor Browser ?
♥ protect your privacy from unscruplous maketer and identity thieves.
♥ protect your communication from irresponsible corporation.
♥ protect your chidren online
♥ freedom to research sensitive topics.
♥ circumvent censorship
Important feature of tor browser?
★ prevent to know what the user are website visit
★ upon termination of tor browser cookies and cache are deleted automatically because this is a self protection browser.
How many cost for Tor browser?
happy to know that tor browser is free to all but in various section they request some donation for develpoment.

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