Smartphone heat up :


This is now common issue to everyone. But why smartphones so heat up?  it has important reasons for this.answee is given below.
We all know that  much current movement generates more heat because movement generates heat. This is common physics tricks.
When we play game or open more tabs then smartphone's need more current to start and complete the job. At that time we feel more heat up our smartphones.
So don't worry they designed smartphones that way.

Over Heatup

If you feel frequently heat up your smartphones then this is the harmfull to your smartphones. Most probable reason of it overloading on hardware.Pushing your GPU for too long is one of the quickest ways to overheat your phone (as anyone who has tried a Gear VR knows all too well).
If you many works done at same time and your smartphone's processer is low due to heavy load on this.
Some external reasons also exist to over heat up smartphone such as if your smartphone stay on outside and heat up with sunlight. if you through your smartphones in sometime this also an external reasons to heat up smartphones.
There is no better example of poorly optimized hardware leading to overheating issues than the infamous Snapdragon 810. This was the flagship processor of 2015, and was featured in nigh-on every flagship device. From the very start it was plagued with rumors of overheating issues, and, while performance varied from device to device, the chip certainly throttled its processing speeds heavily and frequently to avoid overheating, leading to slower performance
Particularly this type of problem seen on chaina smartphones such as carbon lenovo samsung  etc.
The problem particularly seemed to plague Sony devices, so why  in Xperia Z5 models add a new feature to avoid heatin problem same as in samsung.

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